you can call me

My name's Ashley, but you can call me Ash cuz I just know we're gonna be friends :) I'm a 22 year old, Wisconsin-based videographer + photographer.

So how did I get into this job you ask? Well, growing up my mom had a scrapbooking business, meaning there was always a camera nearby. I quickly fell in love with the fact that this small piece of technology could freeze any moment in time!
At the end of high school I received a scholarship to study photo-journalism in India, um whoa! That trip of a lifetime cemented my belief that every story deserves to be documented. After graduation, I attended Madison Media Institute where I majored in video production & editing. After graduating MMI in 2018, I started dreaming up this lil business of mine and I'm SO grateful that I took the leap.

hi friend

  Im so glad you're here. 

Let me share my heart with you for a sec

Can I be completely honest with you? I'm not all perfectly put-together 24-7. Those closest to me would tell you that I'm a klutz that is always running into things and dancing on my tip toes. (oh did I mention I'm also a ballet teacher?) I eat too much dark chocolate, I'm obsessed with plants and I cry at pretty much everything... so wedding clients: you can definitely expect some not-so-dry eyes on your wedding day.
If there's not a camera in my hand, there is usually a big cup of chai or a blanket that I'm carrying to snuggle up with on the couch (my introverted self's happy place).  I love to adventure with my honey, watch crime tv shows, spend too much money at Target, play cards with my fam, and make pinterest boards of my future golden retriever... some day :)

I'm a jesus-lovin, chai-drinkin, enneagram two

I believe your story matters: not just the big moments, but the small, seemingly-mundane ones too. My heart in documenting your story is not just to make it look pretty on camera, but to truly and intentionally document the feeling + emotion of each moment.

More than anything, my heart is to serve you. I want to bring you coffee (or chai!), to be your biggest cheerleader, to wedding plan with you, to be your shoulder to cry (or laugh!) on, to encourage you, to become a friend... Most importantly, I want to provide you with an unforgettable experience through imagery that is meaningful and true to who you are.

here's my 

Every part of your story is a moment worth documenting; That is why I do what I do. I'm not a creator, I don't write your story... I simply capture it in a way that makes it timeless. I imagine your grandkids cuddled around the tv watching your wedding film. I picture them turning the pages of an album, remarking how grandpa and grandma were just as in-love at the age of 23 as they are now. I see them pointing at the picture of dad on the wall, saying "Wow, he looks just like me!". That is your legacy. That is my why.